The Bombpops — Breathe

I feel like the last time I saw you we had gathered up all our regrets
Moving on from what I thought was drastically holding me down

I don’t think that this is the first time we start out by apologizing
Saying sorry to shut this all up I don’t know what I mean

Pre Chorus:
Breathing in right but it felt so wrong
Holding on tight to the same old song
I’ve been singing, and singing

Over and over again till my tongue can’t sing the words
Over and over and over and over and nothing will get heard
For all the times, I have guaranteed through my apologies
We will try again but this record will wear thin

The one thing you’ll probably get used to is me gradually messing things up
I have made that mistake far too many times and I don’t think that I could just. Stop.

Pre Chorus: